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Cultural Anthropology(2020)ⅡA


科目名 Cultural Anthropology(2020)ⅡA
担当教員 Pahnee Fukui
実務経験の有無 あり
実務経験 大学・専門学校・予備校・塾いずれかで教授経験があります。
単位数 2
授業形態 講義+演習
学期 前期
科目概要 This course is an introduction to cultural anthropology with an examination of various cultures, tradition, and beliefs around the world.
学習到達目標 (1)Understand certain cultural practices/traditions/beliefs (2)Acquire necessary vocabulary to articulate/summarize those practices/beliefs (3)Ability to make cultural comparisons (4)The ability to research cultural topics and do research
成績評価方法 試験0% 平常点50% 課題点50% で評価します。
1 Kinship Structures
2 Kinship: Yanomami
3 Kinship: Mosuo
4 Kinship: India and Pakistan
5 Kinship: Nuer / Johosai
6 Maasai and circumcision
7 Menstration Taboos
8 Other coming of age ceremonies
9 Body Modification #1
10 Body Modification #2
11 Caste Systems and Social Hierarchy #1
12 Caste Systems and Social Hierarchy #2
13 Final Prep
14 Final Prep
15 Final Presentation

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